Fit For Birth

prenatal fitness
prenatal fitness
prenatal fitness

"A fitness program that incorporates the body and mind working together, just as they are during birth. It is specifically designed to prepare you for a strong, confident and empowered pregnancy and birth!" 


As a client of my Fit for Birth program, I help you:

  • incorporate a personalized fitness plan into your pregnancy, that is safe, fun and enjoyable, using equipment that you have access to, in your home
  • ease common pregnancy discomforts
  • increase energy
  • experience a more comfortable and healthier pregnancy
  • enter into labor and birth feeling confident and empowered
  • protect your body and your baby through nourishing, strengthening movements
  • adapt your workouts for each stage of pregnancy
  • efficiently train for the marathon of labor and birth
  • learn to control your pelvic floor for controlled pushing during birth, and for postpartum healing
  • prevent diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles)
  • prepare you for a healthy and healing postpartum


All Fit for Birth Packages include:

  • prenatal health assessment 
  • weekly coaching meetings and training sessions with me
  • individualized fitness plan, including all of your workouts and videos, sent to you weekly
  • individualized birth and labor preparation
  • informative printables on prenatal health and fitness, to help you embrace your healthy pregnancy
  • unlimited email and phone support
  • full support of a trainer who truly has your best interest at heart

Our one of a kind, fully supportive Fit for Birth packages are available in person AND online!


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*in person Fit for Birth packages are available to mama's located within 30 miles of Milford, Ct.